The Paschal Hildreth Foundation is here for the promotion of family and community prosperity. We would like to further the advancements of proper rearing of children in the household and instill the benefits of a quality education. Our events and literature are of a family and community orientation. Our partners are of like minds with our agenda.


It is our belief that going back to the basics of quality time spent with children in the home will yield a more well-rounded and nurtured adult. The benefits of proper input gives a better output. So the reading materials and the positive entertainment and media will give the results you desire. Paschal Hildreth is all about the merging of family, education and positive social media into a format that you can be proud of.


The Paschal family was comprised of, clergy, college graduates, educators and entrepreneurs. A family with southern roots that garnered great hospitality and outstanding networking even before there was a theme coined "Networking". The Paschal's left a proud legacy or all to reflect upon. Now this website will further the ideals of the Paschal family.