The “Daddy Books” series is a group of stories centered around a father and his children, especially his son Drew. He and Drew share experiences as Drew grows up in an urban neighborhood. There are many issues that confront Drew in his stories, as told by Drew. He deals with respect, sibling rivalries, and other issues that young male children deal with each day. There is something in the books for everyone. Above all, the books are a refreshing chance to read to and share time with your children. We all have some fond memories of time spent with some caring adult who shared their time with us and aided in our growth and development. The “Daddy Books” are a blueprint to assist in encouraging both Dad and child to...READ.


After school is over, I always find my sisters because my dad will fuss at me if I don't. Sometimes they are talking and make me wait for them. They say they are going to tell Dad that I fussed at them in front of their friends. He said he does not shout at mom, so I do not shout at my sisters. He said I should Respect girls. I don't really know what Respect means but it must mean be nice and no shouting at girls. What about me? They fuss and shout at me and Dad never gets them. He says because I am the oldest and a boy so I must overlook their shouting. Man! Sometimes I wish I was a girl and not so old. Then I could get some of that Respect stuff!

"I Love Daddy Books".......


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